Equipment to Promote Attention to Tasks

Equipment to Promote Attention in Children

Provide more deep pressure input to the body:

-Fun and Function weighted vest (also weighted compression vest)

-Weighted lap pad

-Weighted blanket

-Weighted stuffed animal

-Compression shirt (or small athletic/swim shirt)

-Wear a weighted backpack

-Body sock








Adapt the current seating set-up:

-Kick band on the chair legs

-Bouncy Desk band on the desk legs

-Bouncy Chair band around the chair legs

-Sit on a wiggle seat, gel cushion, or wedge

-Sit on a Senseez vibrating pillow

-Use a slant board under the paper


Create a new seating set-up:

-Zuma rocker chair

-Fidget stool

-Wobble stool


-Ball chair

-Standing desk (or stand at a counter)

-Bean bag chair

-Cozy Canoe

-Sit in a pop-up tent to reduce visual distractions


Keep the hands busy so the ears can listen:

-Fidget cube

-Tangle fidget

-Super Duper frog massager

-Fidget bracelet

-Weighted ball

-Squishy/spiky balls, koosh balls

-Liquid Motion bubble timer or oil/water bottle

-Theraputty or Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

-Wrist weight or hand weight

-Other options: rubber band, hair band, paperclip, wiki stix


To compensate for auditory sensitivity:

-Noise canceling headphones


Provide oral input:

-Vibe critter or Abilitations Jigglers Massager for oral input

-Z-vibe animal tips

-Pencil topper chewy

-Chewelry necklaces

-Chewy tubes


Visual supports:

-Time Timer visual timer

-Visual timer apps

-Choiceworks visual schedule app




Writing utensils:

-Z-vibe vibration pencil tip

-Ark Therapeutic Chewy pencil topper

-Squiggle Wiggle Writer

-Weighted pencil


Pencil grips:


-CLAW Grip

-Grotto Grip

-Stetro Grip

-Cimostar ergonomic grip



Consult your Pediatrician:

Talk to your pediatrician about any concerns you have about your child’s attention and self regulation skills.


Written by Kara Syrek, OTR/L, occupational therapist at NTS Therapy in Houston, TX

Northwest Houston clinic: 713-466-6872

Katy clinic: 281-392-4221