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Equipment to Promote Attention to Tasks

Equipment to Promote Attention in Children Provide more deep pressure input to the body: -Fun and Function weighted vest (also weighted compression vest) -Weighted lap pad -Weighted blanket -Weighted stuffed animal -Compression shirt (or small athletic/swim shirt) -Wear a weighted backpack -Body sock               Adapt the current seating set-up: -Kick […]

Tips to Teach Shoe Tying

Shoe Tying Tips Shoe tying is a challenging skill to teach and to learn! Children generally start learning to tie shoes around 5-6 years of age. There are many methods to tie shoes. Listed below are some suggestions for teaching two of the most common methods of shoe tying (the 1-loop method and the 2-loop […]

Occupational Therapy Book Recommendations for Children and Adults

Occupational Therapy Book Recommendations for Clients As a pediatric Occupational Therapist (OT), I am often asked for book recommendations to help clients and their families learn more about sensory processing, handwriting, or self-regulation skills. Here is a compiled list of books that may be helpful to you!   Sensory processing books for children: Max and […]

“Heavy Work” Activity Ideas

“Heavy Work” Activity Ideas Many children benefit from performing “heavy work” activities in order to help them with body awareness, coordination, and regulation. “Heavy work” activities involve using muscles for pushing and pulling, and ideally involve enough repetition and weight to lead to muscle fatigue. These can be helpful activities to include in a child’s […]

Tips for Bedtime Bliss

Tips for Bedtime Bliss Here are some suggestions to improve the bedtime routine and success in your home. Establish up a nighttime routine and follow it daily: Heavy work and movement activities throughout the day and after dinner, then quiet/calming activities before bed. Take a relaxing bath before bed – then when drying off, rub […]

Neurodevelopmental Therapy Services, Inc.

     Hello and welcome to our new blog! Neurodevelopmental Therapy Services, Inc. (NTS) has two private outpatient therapy clinics in the Houston, Texas area (Northwest Houston and Katy). We offer Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech & Language Pathology services to our primarily pediatric clients. Additionally, we offer Massage Therapy services at our Northwest Houston clinic, and […]

Oral Input Activities

Oral Input Activities   Some parents complain that their children chew on their shirt collars, chew on their pencils, chew on the seatbelt in the car, lick objects frequently, are aversive to brushing their teeth, drool, refuse to get their face dirty, or don’t notice when their face is dirty.  These children may benefit from more structured […]

What Is Pediatric Occupational Therapy?

What is Occupational Therapy? We just finished celebrating Occupational Therapy month in April! Occupational Therapy (OT) may help children improve their ability to fully participate in daily activities. Here are a few questions you can think about to determine whether your child may benefit from Occupational Therapy services. Does your child struggle with pencil control […]