Year: 2018

Equipment to Promote Attention to Tasks

Equipment to Promote Attention in Children Provide more deep pressure input to the body: -Fun and Function weighted vest (also weighted compression vest) -Weighted lap pad -Weighted blanket -Weighted stuffed animal -Compression shirt (or small athletic/swim shirt) -Wear a weighted backpack -Body sock               Adapt the current seating set-up: -Kick […]

Tips to Teach Shoe Tying

Shoe Tying Tips Shoe tying is a challenging skill to teach and to learn! Children generally start learning to tie shoes around 5-6 years of age. There are many methods to tie shoes. Listed below are some suggestions for teaching two of the most common methods of shoe tying (the 1-loop method and the 2-loop […]

Occupational Therapy Book Recommendations for Children and Adults

Occupational Therapy Book Recommendations for Clients As a pediatric Occupational Therapist (OT), I am often asked for book recommendations to help clients and their families learn more about sensory processing, handwriting, or self-regulation skills. Here is a compiled list of books that may be helpful to you!   Sensory processing books for children: Max and […]