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    September 2015


    We at NTS hope your summer has been fun-filled and full of opportunities to be with family and friends.  It surely has been a hot one around Houston.  Many of our staff members have been able to take vacation and be with their family.  I have heard that many of you have taken some interesting trips too!  It has been such a quick and busy time I don’t know where the summer went.  But, school is back in session, the roadways are a parking lot, I don’t know where all those cars came from!  At least finally we are getting some relief from the weather!

    There are some new smiling faces at our northwest location.  Amanda, Speech Pathologist, is now helping us with the needed late afternoon times and we are glad to have those times available.  There is also a new Occupational therapist Dahlya Brown who has also come on board to help us provide much needed treatment times on Tuesday & Wednesday.  We have a new tech, V’Ana and she has learned very quickly the needs of the northwest and everyone is enjoying her happy style.  Lastly, Tania Cabildo, OT, will be making a move to Shriners Hospital.  It has been so nice to help her grow and see her develop as a therapist.  She will be missed by her colleagues and kiddos alike and I will miss her smiling face and happy heart.  We wish her well in her new endeavor.

    NTS is very excited to have on board Kathy Drehobl, OTR and I wanted to share with you some of her skills and education.  Kathy is NDT certified in both the basic and the baby course.  She has taken and taught many infant massage courses and has coauthored several books on this field.  She has also has proficiency in the sensory fields, feeding, hand functioning, and Myofascial Freedom.  I am so excited to have Kathy as part of the NTS family and I know that all her years of knowledge and handling skills will be welcomed by all.  I know that change is never easy, and I appreciate your understanding during this transition. 

    Keep a look out for the Halloween “Decorate the Doors” contest.  Decorations will begin October 1, and the voting for your favorite door.  The therapists are asking many of the kiddos to assist with their decorations.  On the last week before Halloween we want our kiddos and staff to wear their Halloween costume and trick or treat throughout the center as they vote for their favorite door too.

    Try to stay cool as we get through September and remember this thought “When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on”


    Carol Nunez Parker