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  • Our Mission

     Provide quality personnel knowledgeable in current therapeutic practices, who possess the ability to guide families through the rehabilitative process. Offer state of the art treatment approaches helping people to achieve meaningful, practical and sustainable changes in their lives. Present an integrated treatment approach viewing the individual, family, physician, therapist and community resource as integral parts of the collaborative team. Create a positive environment in which each person is seen as an individual with personal strengths and challenges.

  • Our Philosophy

    NTS is a private pediatric therapy practice which provides physical, occupational, speech and massage therapies for children. As we turn disabilities into abilitites, it is our goal to make a difference in the lives of our children by helping them to reach their fullest potential. By working as a team, we utilize the best approaches for each individuals needs, involve the family as much as possible and never forget that children are our gift.

  • History of NTS

    1985 - NTS began to provide in-home therapy services.

    1993 - NTS purchased, remodeled, and began in-center therapy in a 7000 sq ft building, which is now our NW Houston location.

    2003 - NTS began an aquatic therapy program at the NW location, which continued through 2016.

    2004 - The NTS West location opened in Katy, Texas.

    2005 - The NTS South location opened in Missouri City, Texas. It was open through 2012. 

    2005 - The NTS Southeast location opened in Pearland, Texas, and therapy services were provided there until moving to the Roy Road location in Pearland in 2009.

    2006 - NTS purchased a new clinic in Old Town Katy.  The clinic is a home-type atmosphere and there is an outdoor pool so aquatic therapy is now offered.

    2007 - NTS purchased 5 acres and a farm house on Roy Road in Pearland to convert into a new therapy clinic, which opened in 2009 and continued to provide services through 2014.

    2010 - NTS Northwest location began a summer SCUBA program, taught by a certified dive instructor.

    Currently - NTS continues to provide unique therapeutic experiences in physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and massage therapy. Our recent NTS events include parent respite nights, Halloween parties, sailing trips in Kemah, “NTS Olympic Summer Games”, and several types of summer camps. Please check our website and Facebook page often for updates on our offerings!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Does NTS offer free consultation?
    One of our therapy staff would love to discuss your child's needs with you during a free 15-minute consultation. Tours of the NTS facilities are also available.

    Q. How do I know if my child needs therapy?
    If you are concerned about your child's development, it is recommended that you schedule an evaluation. The therapist can help determine if your child qualifies for services and would benefit from therapy.

    Q. Is my child too young for therapy?
    Children are motivated to move and communicate. If seen early in their development, therapy can help them develop correct articulation and language skills, develop age-appropriate fine and gross motor skills, decrease possible muscle tightness, and facilitate strength and coordinated movements. They say that it takes twice as long to unlearn an improper movement pattern as it does to learn correct movement. Early intervention can also help parents learn skills to practice with their children at home. NTS therapists are capable of seeing clients from birth through adulthood.

    Q. What are the clinic hours?
    NTS is open from 8am - 6:30pm from Monday-Thursday.

    Q. Does NTS accept payment through my insurance company?
    NTS is in-network with many insurance companies and accepts most insurance plans. Our capable office staff is able to work directly with your insurance to determine coverage.

    Q. Do I need a doctor's prescription to have my child evaluated?
    If you plan to use insurance to pay for therapy services, a doctor's prescription is required prior to the evaluation.

    Q. What can I expect during my child's evaluation?
    Depending on your concerns, you will have an evaluation scheduled with a skilled Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, and/or Speech and Language Therapist. During the evaluation, the therapist will talk to you about your concerns, administer standardized assessment(s), and engage in therapeutic play activities to assess your child's strengths and areas of concern. If your child qualifies for therapy, the therapist will collaborate with you on the therapy goals.

    Q. How often will my child receive therapy?
    Clients are typically seen once or twice a week. Clients generally have standing appointments and come at the same time/day each week. Re-evaluations are performed every 6 months, to determine if your child continues to qualify for therapy services.

    Q. Are parents involved with the therapy sessions?
    Yes! Parents are encouraged to be present in the therapy sessions and interact with their child and the therapist. At other times, it is more therapeutic for the parents to observe through a window. All parents are educated in ways to carryover achievements made within the session.

    Q. How long are the therapy sessions?
    Therapy sessions are typically 50 minutes long. Depending on insurance reimbursement, sometimes Speech & Language sessions are 30 minutes long.

    Q. Is there free parking on-site?
    Yes! We have a parking lot in front of the building at our Northwest location, including a covered carport for easy loading/unloading if needed. At our West location, parking is located adjacent to the main entrance, on Avenue D (turn in just before the pink/purple hair salon).

    Q. My child goes to school all day. Do you have after school or before school sessions?
    Our hours of operation are 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM. This does allow for before or after school therapy times, which are very popular. If after school slots are needed but are unavailable, we suggest to begin therapy and we will gladly put your name on the waiting list and the first available after school slot will be your priority.

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Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

NTS is closed Tuesday August 29th, 2017 due to inclement weather at both our northwest and Katy locations.